☕ Coffee

Roaster: Behomor 1600 - upgraded

Grinder: Baratza Vario W+

Scales: Greater Goods and espresso

Coffee Machines:


🤖 3D Printing (and laser & CNC…)

  • Snapmaker 2 A350
    • Enclosure
    • 10W Laser
    • Dual high temp Extruder
    • Rotary Module
    • Emergency Stop Button

🕹ī¸ Games

  • Pretty big board gamer: Board Game Geek Profile
  • Casual PC & PS5 gamer as well, focusing on more cinematic games of the sci-fi or post-apocalyptic variety (Fallout! Bioshock!) or simulation variety (Civilization, etc).
  • Valve Index for VR

🧑‍đŸŗ Culinary

  • Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop (36") - this thing is great. Check it out
  • Isi cream whipper (chargers: no2, co2, and nitrogen for doing nitro cold press at home)
  • Immersion Circulators/SousVide: Joul for day to day, and SousVide Professional for big jobs.
  • Searzall Pro
  • Drawer full of chemicals from Modernist Pantry
  • Modernist Cuisine, and 3 bookshelves of other cookbooks

📷 Photography/Video

Online Gallery


  • Fujifilm XT-4
    • 18-55mm
    • 10-24mm
  • Polaroid SX-70
  • Hansa Canon from my Grandpa (Canon’s first production model from 1936… it’s a literal museum piece)
  • Hasselblad 500EL (There are 12 of them on the moon!)

Drone: DJI Mini 3 Pro

Odd stuff:

  • numerous Kinect sensors
  • Oak-D

⚡ Electronics

Bluetooth, NRF52, ESP32, Arduino, Nvidia Jetson, sensors, etc.

I also have a number of modular synth components to solder… I’ll get to that someday.

🏠 Home Automation

I am a huge home automation geek – going back 15+ years (back then it was using X10, but nowadays I use Z-Wave/Zigbee, and IP based devices) Need help getting started? Need some advice? Want to tour my house (50+ devices and growing) – let me know.

  • Hue - 40+ bulbs
  • Lots of AeonLabs devices for the basics (light switches, sensors, etc)
  • I’ve been a user of Homeseer, Smartthings, and now Home Assistant, which is what I run today.

💲 Crowdfunding




searzall pro


wonder workshop dash & dot robots

(This was on kickstarter, but they took their post down…)


Stonemaier Games “Champion”