Web archive of my old brainbench transcript… fun.

My early 2000’s site footer:


homepage from 2003

welcome Welcome. I’m Jason Thorpe - a web application architect from Minneapolis, MN. You can find my resume here, as well as links to some of my projects.

If you’re a ColdFusion MX developer, check out Handy for your CFC testing needs.

If you’re interested in sushi, cellphones, or looking at pictures of my friends and I, check out www.sushijunkies.com

resume blurb: I plan to use my wealth of technical experience to lead a resourceful team of people in building interactive/e-business experiences.

Why am I fit to do such a thing?

I’ve got over 10 years of web experience, and have been developing with interactive tools since the early 90’s.

Currently I’m development manager and lead architect at Tequila\Minneapolis, a part of Martin Williams Advertising. I’m also the key data-design and structured content expert, as well as the go-to guy for any challenging programming problems. I was one of the key players to bring Fusebox & eXtreme programming to our teams.

Contact me at: contact@jason-thorpe.com, or check out my resume.

Thank you blue robot for making my site look nice.


Handy : Test framework for ColdFusion CFCs

Cornermaker : Make rounded corner GIFs quickly and easily, using any colors.

www.sushijunkies.com : Site for sushi people.

I’m writing a book entitled “Object Oriented Information Design” in the little spare time I have. It’s about 50% done.