Nami is my current favorite sushi joint in Minneapolis. They have a lounge area that’s a super place to chill, have a drink, and nibble on some choice sushi. Music is always good as well - ranging from deep house, downtempo, and jazz, it really helps set the mood of the entire place.

They have consistently decent fish, and have some of the more unique appetizers in town. I especially like their spicy yellowtail roll. The himachi kama (grilled cheek of yellowtail) is awesome, as is the goma-ae (spinich with sesame dressing)

Nami has a somewhat lacking selection of saki, but for Minneapolis it’s pretty standard. I usually go with Onikoroshi. They have all the standard Japanese/Asian beer imports, and great bartenders who can make anything else you’d ever want.

Service is a big plus, they’re very professional and usually have good recommendations. However, on one occasion a waitress did spill on both my date and I in the same night. That’s been the only bad experience though.

251 1st Ave N, Minneapolis, MN Phone: 612-333-1999