So, I just got a nice little package from Hong Kong today… it had a brand new Nokia 6600 phone in it. I’ve been playing with it for the past hour now, and it’s hands down the best phone I’ve ever owned. No steps backwards this time - everything is at least as good, if not quite a bit better than any other phone I’ve used. Read on for my experience so far…

Size - perfect. Not too big, not too small. Very pleasing to hold, and not too heavy.

Screen - insanely nice looking, very readable, very crisp, very colorful. Like a computer LCD.

Buttons - not too small. Nice click to them. Nice addition of some side buttons (right and left) - and very, very nice joypad (rubbery)

Camera - quite nice, for a phone, it does 640x480, and has a nice 2x zoom (don’t know if it’s optical, probably not, but it’s still a nice feature). Nightmode can even get somewhat decent pics in very low light.

Video - suprised the heck out of me… I thought it was going to be like 1 fps crap, but it’s nice and smooth (albeit low rez) and the sound is well synced. Nice suprise.

Memory (MMC) - finnaly, a phone with expandable memroy (6meg internal, 32meg MMC shipped with phone) I’ve got a 256 meg one on order.

Email Client - so close to outlook it’s scarry. You can put in partial names in to/cc and hit checknames and it’ll fill them in. Multiple attachments, great T9, and it sends really fast. Hooking it up to my IMAP account was very easy, and works flawlessly.

Ringtones - this is the first phone in my recent history to actually come with “normal” rings. Many good “office phone” type rings - no annying songs. It can also do Mp3/wav/etc. ringtons… pretty neat.

3rd party software - I’ve already installed many 3rd party apps - a MAME emulator, NES emulator, and a cool app (MiniGPS) which will switch settings for you when you get to certain geographic locations - very cool. So you can have it quiet the ringer at work, and make it fun at home. MP3 playing (UltraMP3) - it might only be mono, but over the speaker, it still sounds decent (it even handles high bitrate). Last one - IM+ which does MSN/AOL/ICQ chat like a real computer based chat program… haven’t quite got it working yet though…

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