Fhima’s - this is one well put together joint. If you’re ever looking for a reason to go to St. Paul, or are in St. Paul and not having fun - go to Fhima’s.

They describe their cooking as “French Mediterranean”. I describe it as yummy. Below left, Michelle had the Artichoke Risotto - three cheeses and caramelized onions, very rich. The huge asparagus was very tasty.

I had the Seafood Paella (isn’t Paella always seafood?). Let me start out by saying - I’m a big fan of Paella, and will almost always try it the first time I go to a new place. Let me also say, I LOVE jambalaya - and so it only stands to reason that I think Fhima’s has the best Paella - it’s a perfect blend between paella and jambalaya. Yum. The scalops were cooked just right, as were the shrimp. The seasoning was spot on - spicy enough, but didn’t blow ya away. It was served in it’s cooking vessle - a cast iron skillet.

We had the Crème Brulée for desert - people were getting it all night. They burn it right at your table with a cast iron sort of thing. Smells bad for a second, but the outcome was good.

Overall - 8 out of 10.