While taking a client out, I recently went to Cosmos in Le Meridian hotel, Minneapolis, MN.

Overall, one of the better restaurant experiences I’ve had in a while. Read on for pix & the details.

Best things about Cosmos:

  1. The design. Very modern, very clean, calm, and just darn neat. Think 70’s airport, but not cheesy. Tasteful use of chrome, mirrors, and glass. Also great use of various textures & materials.

  2. The service. Attentive to detail, nice, and never once asked “how do you like your food”… big plus in my book.

  3. The music. Whoever did the music the night we were there did an excellent job. Thievery Corporation and the like.

  4. The menu. Somewhat basic, but I sort of like that, everything was very accessible, nothing too strange. Anyone could find something they liked.

  5. The food. Presented very well, cooked to perfection, and served with style. The tuna tartar (appetizer) has just the right amount of wasabi “built-in”. The duck salad (below left) had some of the best duck in it I’ve ever had, very nicely paired with whatever the dressing. The monkfish entree (below right) had many soft flavors and a nearly fluffy texture.

duck salad

  1. Desert. ’nough said. You could go to Cosmos just for desert. The chocolate torte (below left) I had was one of the most creative deserts I’ve ever seen - it had a “cage” of hardened caramel around the outside… very cool. The chocolate cake (below right) just looked cool, don’t know what it tasted like.

That’s about it. Overall, I love this place, I’d recommend it, and I’ll return for sure.